Church Officers

Deacons Ministry

Deac. Andes Bronson, Chair.
Deac. John Lyles, Vice Chairman
Deac. Damien Jenkins, Sr. Secretary
Deac. Herschel Rivers, Treasure


Administrative Assistant
Sis. Charlene D. Grier

Church Clerk
Sis. Charlene D. Grier

Mother’s Ministry
Mo. Melanie Dawkins, President
Mo. Harriette James, Pres. Emeritus
Mo. Anita Hammonds, Vice Pres.
Mo. Harolyn Robinson, Sect.
Mo. Queen E. Phillips, Sr.
Mo. Claudia Bradley
Mo. Darlene Dawson
Mo. Pauline Archer
Mo. Dottie Collier
Mo. Virginia McDaniel

Women of the Church Ministry
Mo. Virginia McDaniel – Pres.
Sis. Charlene Grier – Vice Pres.
Sister Joan Walker – Secretary
Mo. Melanie Dawkins, Advisor
Sis. Carol Howell
Sis. Juanita Sanders
Sis Janet Kotz
Sis. Simone Robinson
Sis Irene Dawkins
Sis. Joyce Pinkey
Mo. Harolyn Robinson
Mo. Dottie Collier
Mo. Anita Hammonds

Finance Committee
Mo. Melanie Dawkins – Chair
Sis. Karen Bowers – Co Chair.
• One Serving Deacon each Sunday

Matron’s Ministry
Sister Keisha Jenkins, President
Sister K. Bowers, Vice President
Sister R. Neal, Sect.
Sister K. Gordon
Sister B. Wilson
Sister Sade Garcia
Sister Harriette Hart
Sister Shandy Dawkins
Sister Katina Sneed
Sister Lajuskia Lewis
Sister Keena Fairnot
Mo. Melanie Dawkins, Advisor

Hospital Ministry
Sis. Sally Glover
Sis. Carolyn Pryor
Sis. Mary Lyles
Sis. Janet Kotz
Sis. Dorothy Daniels

Usher’s Ministry
Sis. Juanita Sanders – President
Bro. Harold Dawkins – Vice Pres.
Sis. Charlene Grier – Secretary
Sis. Carolyn Pryor – Treasurer
Deac. D. Jenkins, Sr. – Chaplain

Pastor’s Aide Ministry
Sis. Juanita Sanders
Sis Janet Kotz
Mo. Melanie Dawkins
Sis. Bonnie Smith
Sis. Earthlene Smith
All Deacons

Sound/Video Technician(s)
Bro. Joshua Dawkins
Bro. Mitchell L. Dawkins Jr.
Bro. Edmund Wilson

Transportation Ministry
Bro. James Rivers, Driver
Bro Corey Bowers, Occasional Van Maintenance Man
All Deacons are to ensure van is running well at all times

Culinary Committee
Mo. Anita Hammonds, Chairperson
Sis. Irene Dawkins
Sis. Mary Lyles
Sis. Carol Howell
Sis. Rhonda Blackwell
Sis. Marion Allen
*All meal functions must go through this Committee no exceptions

Community Outreach/Feeding
Matron’s Min. – 1st, 2nd, 4th Sundays
Mother’s & W. O. C. – 3rd Sundays
Mo. Anita Hammonds, 5th Sundays
*Matrons ministry is to ensure meals are delivered each Sunday

Church Anniversary Comm.
Mo. Virginia McDaniel – Chair
Sis. Charlene Grier-Asst. Chair

Church School Officers
Sis. Charlene Grier – Superintendent
Sis. Renee Neal – Assistant Super.
Bro. Damien Jenkins – Youth Super.
Sis. Juanita Sanders – Secretary
Sis. Nakara Collins – Youth Sect.

United Day Committee (May)
Pastor M. L. Dawkins Sr. – Men
Mo. Melanie Dawkins – Women

Pastor’s Anniversary Committee (Oct)
Sis. Juanita Sanders – Chair.
Deac. Sylvester Sanders, Jr.

Church Sexton Committee
– Week of First Sunday – Deacons/Mother’s Ministry
– Week of Second Sunday – Young Adults/Matrons
– Week of Third Sunday – Women of the Church/Ushers
– Week of Fourth Sunday – Youth/Mass Choir

Young Adult Ministry
Sis. Kelsia Gordon – President
Sis. Bianca Wilson – Vice Pres.
Sis. Sade Garcia – Secretary
Bro. James Rivers – Chaplain
Bro. Devontae Gaskin
Bro Devontae Riley
Bro Anthony Wall
Bro Edmond Wilson
Bro Brandon Wilson
Bro Travis Keith
Sis Shandy Dawkins
Sis Melanie Rivers
Bro Herschel Rivers
Bro Mitchell Dawkins
Sis Shurell Jenkins
Bro Jason Tomlin
Sis Mesha Tomlin
Sis Amanda Patterson
Sis Cherish Bema-kaye
Sis Harriette Hart
Sis. Keena Fairnot
Sis. Lajuskia Lewis
Mo. Melanie Dawkins, Advisor

Website Manager & Editor (s)
Bro. Joshua Dawkins
Bro. Mitchell L. Dawkins Jr.
Bro. Caleb Dawkins

Adult/Mass Choir Ministry
Sis. Sade Garcia – President
  – Vice Pres.
Sis. Lakisha Jenkins – Secretary
Sis. Renee Neal – Chaplain

Youth Ministry
Sis. Nakara Colling – Pres.
Sis. Mariah & Janiyah Boyd– Vice Pres.
Bro. Damien Jenkins – Secretary
Sis. Tamera Sneed – Chaplain
Sis. Lakisha Jenkins – Director
Deac. D. Jenkins, Sr. – Director
Mo. Virginia McDaniel – Advisor
Sis. Sade Garcia – Youth Choir Director

Music Ministry
Deac. Sylvester Sanders, Jr.
Bro. Keith Travis
Bro. Edmund Wilson
Bro Devontae Gaskin
Sis. Sade Garcia, Choir Director

Sunday School Teachers
Adult Men
Bro. Jason Tomlin
Sister Janet Kotz
Young Adults
Sis. Bianca Wilson
Sis. Renee Neal
Middle School
Sis. Sade Garcia
Lower & Upper Elementary
Mo. Harolyn Robinson
Mo. Virginia McDaniel
New Members
Mo. Melanie Dawkins