Church Covenant

For as much as Almighty God by His grace has been pleased to call us out of darkness into His light, and having been baptized upon a profession of faith in Christ Jesus, and having given ourselves to the Lord and one another, in a gospel Church way, to be governed and guided by a proper discipline agreeable to the Word of God; we do covenant together by the help of God to keep up the discipline of the Church of which we are members in brother affection toward each other, to watch over one another, and, if need be, in the most tender and affectionate manner, to reprove one another; we also agree, with God’s assistance, to attend our church meetings, and not absent ourselves from the communion of the Lord’s Supper without a lawful reason, to be ready to communicate to the defraying of the Church’s expenses, and for the help of the ministry, not to irregularly depart from the fellowship of the Church, nor to remove to the bounds of distant churches without a regular letter of dismissal and placing it in the Church in which we hold membership.
These things we do covenant and agree to observe and keep sacred in the name of, and the assistance of God. Amen.