What To Expect

1. Friendships- At NWC you will have the benefit of making and having friends that share the

same beliefs and values help us all navigate this bizarre world we live in.

2. Opportunities To Make A Difference- One of the biggest benefits of membership at NWC is

its collective resource that provides opportunities to help others and make a difference. Church

volunteer opportunities are available at our churches and these opportunities provide the

system and structure to serve or support a cause. These kinds of experiences reinforce the

Christian call to love and help other people. When we know we make a difference for a cause it

gives us hope for a better world.

3. Accountability- Belonging to NWC provides a level of accountability for its members.

Members that receive good biblical teaching learn to make good decisions, are held

accountable by just showing up and being reminded of their core beliefs. The world offers many

distractions and contradictions to Christian beliefs so having a community of people to interact

with who think the same way helps to reinforce and hold us accountable to biblical principles.

4. Sense Of Community- So Belonging to NWC’s body provides interactions with other people

and creates a social community.

5. Personal Development- As Christians we are all on a journey of personal, spiritual and

ethical development. Whether we are new Christians or have been a Christian for a long time, a

dynamic church like NWC can offer church leadership, discipleship and spiritual development

and growth.

6. Social Events- One of the many perks of being part of the New Warner Chapel church body is

the availability of social events and interactions with others. Whether it is participating in a bible-

study, a baby shower, or the Wednesday night pot-luck family dinner – the opportunities are

there to participate in church events with friends and other church members.